Tray forming system

Tray forming system

Tray forming system
  • Forming cartons from flat blanks
  • Multiple formats can be formed.
  • The machine is capable of forming cartons from various materials.
  • The carton is shaped using a puncher.
  • Gluing system.

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The tray forming system is a versatile solution for efficient packing of food, pharmaceutical and medical products or industrial goods. Our machine has been developed for forming cartons from flat blanks. The innovative solution allows multiple formats and different materials to be used during forming, and the cartons are shaped using a puncher. The machine uses a gluing system, which increases its functionality. The tray forming system improves production efficiency and leads to production optimization, resulting in increased profits. The solution is flexible, allowing you to tailor it to your needs.

Our packaging machines are designed to be easily integrated into any production line and adapted to different carton sizes. The packaging solution ensures maximum productivity with minimum raw material consumption. The advantage of our solution is the highest packing quality which streamlines the production process and the transportation of products to contractors. The well-thought-out design and innovative technology ensure precise repeatability, due to which all batches maintain the highest packing quality. The tray-forming system makes optimum use of the production area and is economical and reliable. Easy control ensures intuitive operation of the entire packing process, which contributes to increased safety. Our solution is environmentally friendly, as it reduces waste generation to the absolute minimum.

Benefits of the solution:

  • versatile solution for efficient packing of food, pharmaceutical, and medical products or industrial goods,
  • tray forming system maximizes productivity with minimum raw material consumption,
  • superior packaging quality and repeatability precision,
  • innovative technology and well-thought-out design which contribute to the cost-effectiveness of the solution,
  • possibility of forming multiple formats,

Up to 40 boxes per minute (depending on box shape, dimensions and material)

Standard sizes of handled boxes

Length: 100-450 mm.
Width:: 80-200 mm.
Height:  20-250 mm.



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