American Box forming system KZT 12

American Box forming system KZT 12

American Box forming system KZT 12
  • Fully automatic American box carton forming machine with the function of sealing the bottom of the carton with adhesive tape.
  • Easy changeover of American box format thanks to special adjusters and counters.
  • The machine can also be equipped with a top flap carton sealer (optional).
  • Gluing system for sealing the bottom flaps with glue (optional).

Efficient forming of American box for above-normal output and performance.

Speed up to 15-20 boxes per minute. Fully automated solution. Easy changeover of box format. Possessing the machine with a gluing system for sealing the bottom flaps with glue is possible. This is our American box-forming machine. The American Box forming system enables the target shape of the box to be formed and closed, and the bottom flaps of the box to be sealed with adhesive tape (glue flap closing option). The machine then dispenses the American box in its open form onto a short dispensing conveyor. Thanks to the compact design, the system can easily be extended with an additional receiving conveyor used for positioning the American box, which in a further step leads to automatic sealing of the box's top flaps. The integrated adjusters and counters ensure quick and easy changeover of the format of the glued box.


  • fully automated forming and sealing of the bottom of the box with adhesive tape,
  • speed of 15-20 boxes per minute,
  • possibility to glue the bottom of the box with hot-melt glue,
  • compact design (possibility to extend the machine with a receiving conveyor),
  • expandable with top flap sealer (tape or glue),


Up to 15-20 boxes per minute (dependent on box size and cardboard density).

Standard sizes of handled boxes:

Length: 200-600 mm.
Width: 200-400 mm.
Height: 120-400 mm.


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